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Check out Jeremy's Void City on CafePress Page for these great items:

holiday ornamentVampires Do It Upside Down T-shirt

There are some things one just can't get on CafePress... for example, printing beyond a ten-inch centered square on the back of a black shirt. For our "replica" Welcome to the VOID shirts, we use CustomInk. We keep a limited inventory, and we no longer sell them... they are exclusively given away in contests and at conventions, often for charity.


(Note- images above are from CustomInk, our provider for these beautifully rendered shirts.)

The Story Behind the "Welcome to the Void" Shirts
that Jeremy is wearing in almost every photo on this website:

Eric, the protagonist of J.F. Lewis's Void City series, has a whole closet full of T-shirts with an interesting back story. Void City has an annual music festival similar to those held in cities around the world today. One year, over a decade ago, the printer made an error and instead of having "Welcome to the Void City Music Festival" on the front and the band names on the back, the front of each shirt read simply "Welcome to the Void!" The denizens of Void City loved this design so much, and bought so many T-shirts, that the organizers of the music festival claimed the mistake had been intentional and did it that way every year thereafter.

Like Eric, Jeremy has a whole closet full of these things. He's really not wearing the same shirt two days in a row at a convention... in fact, if you look closely, he's probably wearing shirts from different years (you can tell by the print on the back, even though the fronts look the same).

You can get your very own VOID T-shirt in sizes from adult M through XXXXL, if you're very very lucky and win one in a contest online or buy one at a charity auction at a convention. These replica T-shirts are beautifully silk-screened with Welcome to the Void on the front and band names (which changed with each version of the shirt) on the back. Most of our remaining inventory is in 2009 shirts, but there are probably some '08 and '07 ones in there somewhere.


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