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J.F. Lewis - Current Projects

Staked (2008, Pocket Books)
Void City Series Book One

Staked (Chris McGrath)Staked (Gene Mollica)J.F.'s first novel, an urban fantasy vampire romp entitled Staked, is available at and bookstores everywhere! The trade paperback version, which features a fantastic Chris McGrath cover, is rapidly becoming a collector's item. The mass market version of Staked, with an awesome new cover by Gene Mollica, was released in June 2009.

Find a synopsis, reviews, the inside story, and additional details about Staked here.

ReVamped (2009, Pocket Books)
Void City Series Book Two

ReVampedVoid City fans, rejoice! ReVamped, the sequel to Staked, was released by Simon & Schuster imprint Pocket Books on March 11, 2009. The trade paperback version, with a superb cover by Gene Mollica, is now available from and bookstores everywhere. Eric isn't the only one who gets ReVamped- his treasured Mustang convertible gets caught up in a little blood magic and winds up with an unlife of its own.


For Want of Chocolate (2009, IGMS)

"For Want of Chocolate" is a short story, set in the Void City universe, which is scheduled to appear in IGMS (Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show) in August or October. Imagine a newly made vampire... standing out in front of a Godiva store. (When J reads this at conventions, we have to give out chocolate to keep the mobs at bay.)


Crossed (2010, Pocket Books)
Void City Series Book Three

Eric's vicious and extremely powerful sire, the Empress vampire Lisette, comes to Void City to confront him, but misses him completely since he's gone to Paris for his honeymoon (hoping to confront her while he's there). Events in Paris conspire against Eric, partially because of the machinations of Ebon Winter- he forgets about his bride and gets into a fight with the granddaddy of all werewolves. Meanwhile, his loved ones back home must defeat Lisette without him. With more Rachel, more Talbot, and more Greta than ever before, J.F. dishes out another great vampire tale!


Jeremy gives High Fantasy a swift kick in the butt with the first book in a proposed trilogy. It's fantasy that can sink its teeth into you. Members of the WTF writer's group are highly optimistic (and sometimes fanatical) about this one, so here's hoping you'll see it soon. Grudgebearer has just undergone another rewrite and is now even better than before! J's agent is currently seeking a publisher for this series.

Void City Series Book Four

The fourth book in the Void City universe, tentatively titled Hunted, has begun its long and arduous journey toward publication. Check back soon for a few tantalizing details.



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