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About J

Visit Simon & Schuster's website to sign up for alerts, buy copies of the books, and more.

Write The Fantastic: An Author's Blog
Check out my blog, which features tips for aspiring authors and publication details, along with my atypical ramblings.

League of Reluctant Adults
Catch me blogging at the League each Saturday, and tune in on other days for rounds of witty banter with Mark Henry, Anton Strout, Caitlin Kittredge, Jaye Wells, Stacia Kane, and Jackie Kessler. Check out my page on the League forum as well.

For Writers

Writer's Market
I'd highly suggest that aspiring authors join the Writer's Market online service. I found their search functions to be well worth the $4/month.

Miss Snark's blogs
Save yourself the embarassment of getting it wrong by checking Ms. Snark's blogs. I've found these to be a valuable resource for lots of little "newbie" questons- like "What should I put in a query letter?"

Neil Gaiman's website
Neil Gaiman's FAQ and journal have some of the best information available online for aspiring authors. Use the search function on his home page to quickly find what you need.

Google Book Search
Check out Google's beta search for books, a fantastic function which will search the text of millions of books for that one phrase you remember reading, but totally can't place. Aspiring authors, you can also use this to help ensure that your ideas are unique - try Google's Book Search on key phrases and concepts from your work and see what you get.


Christian McGrath
Chris is the fantastic artist behind the cover for Staked... he's one of my favorite artists. Check out his website, where you can buy prints of many of his works.

Gene Mollica
Gene is the awesome artist behind the cover for ReVamped and the new cover for the mass market edition of Staked. Check out his website, where you can browse images and buy prints.


Masterminds and Madmen
Okay, so this one is a shameless plug. Masterminds and Madmen, an RPG supplement for Hero Games, was written by my friend Rob Hudson, one of the members of WTF, my local writers' group. Rob also wrote Thrilling Places for the Pulp Hero system. Both books are full of good stuff - you should buy them!

Adrian Phoenix
Adrian and I share one of the best editors ever, Jennifer Heddle. Check out her site and her book, A Rush of Wings. And for you gun nuts out there, no, it's not a mistake that Agent Wallace's 38 has a clip- it's a 38 Colt Super, and Adrian says so on page 259.


This is where we order our beautiful screen printed WELCOME TO THE VOID T-shirts. The customer service at CustomInk is great; they always get the order right (and don't ask too many questions about it, either).

Hunter Lawley's Website
The Hunter Lawley Band is one of my favorite local music groups and is one of two real bands listed on the back of the 2008 Welcome to the Void T-shirts that exist in the "real" world; all the other ones are fictitious.

Cemetery Surfers
We met these guys at OmegaCon; their lyrics are perfectly suited to the world of Void City. You might find them at the Princess Theater in Columbus, Mississippi, a grand old movie house that reminds me of the Pollux. The Cemetery Surfers are one of two real bands listed on the back of the 2008 Welcome to the Void T-shirts that exist in the "real" world; all the other ones are fictitious.

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