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For Want of Chocolate (2009, IGMS)

"For Want of Chocolate" is a short story, set in the Void City universe, appeared in IGMS (Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show). Imagine a newly made vampire... standing out in front of a Godiva store. (When J reads this at conventions, we sometimes have to give out chocolate to keep the mobs at bay!) While you can still buy the magazine, with the cool illustration, "For Want of Chocolate" is now also available for free on Pocket After Dark.

A Void City Halloween

"A Void City Halloween" is a six part short story that J serialized across the internet in his own funky version of a literary trick or treat. Start with Part 1 and enjoy the virtual candyfest!

Part 1 (at Paranormal Haven)

Part 2 (at Pocket After Dark)

Part 3 (at The League of Reluctant Adults)

Part 4 (at Bitten by Books)

Part 5 (at Amberkatze's Book Blog)

Part 6 (at WritetheFantastic)


A Void City Beach Outing

Vampires at the beach! (What more can we say?) For free on Pocket After Dark.



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