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Hello, internet denizens! You have reached the official website for J. F. Lewis, Author at Large. J.F. (Jeremy) is the author of the acclaimed Void City series of urban fantasy novels, the Untold web comic Gearless, and quite a few things that haven't sold yet.

If you've come here, you're either interested in Jeremy's writing or horribly lost. Either way, feel free to hang around for a while and click on things.

The Void City series begins with Staked and ReVamped, continues in Crossed, and then accelerates into the most recent installment, Burned.

For frequent updates, like Jeremy on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and check out the League of Reluctant Adults on the 11th of every month. You can also find Jeremy on Pocket After Dark from time to time.

A few of our favorite reviews:

“Literary methamphetamine. The best thing to hit paranormal fantasy in years.” - Paul Goat Allen of

"Uncovering the mystery surrounding [Lewis's] rebel hero is a reward in itself, while the action scenes in this raucous, raunchy blood-opera make for a very satisfying crunch." - Dark Realms Magazine

"Staked is a strangely-compelling vampire story, in which the action, vampirics, and outright outrageousness have all been cranked up as high as the printed page can stand. J.F. Lewis' vampires pack an amazing array of powers, and Eric is the bloodsucking equivalent of a Spinal Tap song: he goes all the way to eleven." -Michael M. Jones of Green Man Review

"Hugely entertaining... written with twisted humor... [it] meets all of the requirements for even the most demanding urban fantasy fan."


Staked, ReVamped, Crossed and Burned are available at your friendly local bookstores as well as, Little Professor, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble, and sometimes Walmart.

If you'd like a sneak peek at some of Jeremy's writing, his short story about vampires and chocolate is posted for free at Pocket after Dark. You can also check out this guide with links to each installment of his multi-part Halloween "trick-or-treat" featuring the cast of the Void City novels. More free fiction is collected on the free fiction page here at


"A fast-paced story with a heady mixture of humor, violence, and sex."
- Library Journal

"From the moment you step into Eric's world, you are rocketing from one high-tension situation to another... The exciting conclusion will definitely leave you breathless and wanting more." -

"Serious yet funny, gory yet tender, magical and still down-to-earth... in other words, a must-read!" - A Bookworm's Diary


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